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All Because of Eviction: Brittany's Story

In a corner of the shelter, on the floor by the two windows, sits Brittany and her two babies. Her youngest babbles on the floor next to her while he attempts to crawl. Her older son sits in her lap while she patiently wipes peanut butter from his fingers.

Brittany and her son in the corner of Open Doors Emergency Shelter.

She welcomes me into her corner with warmth and kindness, as if this were her own home.

Brittany’s story is not the average one of becoming homeless—if there were such a thing as a recipe for it.

It wasn’t induced by drugs or alcohol. Her impeccable nature of nurturing her children in the midst of strangers, bed bugs, domestic violence, and substance abuse is profound and couldn’t be attributed to laziness. Her warm and genial personality begs the question: How did someone like you get to a place like this?

“All they see is eviction,” she says.

Her husband folds laundry on the couch nearby. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Whitworth University and held a job there afterwards. He was also a decorated soldier in the Army. Through his VA checks, they paid their rent on a home they had in Spokane to raise their boys.

She adjusts her baby in her arms to nurse him. Throughout our conversation, Brittany welcomes interruptions from her own children or the ones running around the shelter. She pauses to answer their questions or acknowledge the toy they brought her.

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