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Where your education becomes real.

What can I expect?

  • An educational, formative work experience

  • Ongoing mentorship & support from on-site staff

  • Completing real projects; interns aren't doing busy work!

  •  10 hours per week for a minimum of 3 months

  • Not to be paid... however, we like to hire interns after their internships!

What sort of internships are there?

Shelter Support 

Participate in the daily tasks of running 24/7 Emergency Shelter and get to know families! Provide practical resource referral, emotional support and conflict resolution. Perfect for those seeking a career in the helping field or who are interested in this population. 

Internship Description
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Accounting Assistant

Partner with Director of Finance to prepare basic budgeting, reconcile accounts and help with data entry. Lead a budgeting workshop for homeless families! Perfect for those seeking a career in business and/or finance.

Internship Description
Image by Kelly Sikkema
IT Intern

Sustain the tools needed to end family homelessness. Run data reports, solve technology problems and more! Perfect for those seeking a career in IT, data science or engineering.

Internship Description
Case-Management Assistant

Partner with our case-management team to empower families to overcome barriers keeping them from housing. Encourage active problem-solving and provide basic resource referral in a structured environment. Perfect for those seeking a career in social work or counseling.

Internship Description
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Community Engagement

Invite community members into partnership to end family homelessness. Participate in gratitude calls, event planning, marketing efforts and more! Perfect for those seeking a career in business, marketing, non-profit management, psychology and/or communications.

Internship Description
Facilities Support

Serve formerly homeless families in practical ways through facilities upkeep. Get hands-on with painting, maintenance and landscaping projects! Perfect for those going into the trades. 

Internship Description
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