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Preventing families from becoming homeless through rental assistance and targeted case-management is essential to what we do. 

Need prevention help?
Call 509-747-5487

The Housing Assistance Portal (HAP) connects tenants and landlords in need with resources they qualify for.

All in one, easy-to-use dashboard.

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more families face the possibility of homelessness today than in any time in the recent past.


As of November 2020, 1 in 5 Spokane county renters were unable to pay their full rent. 

  • How do I get involved?
    Start your Night without a Bed experience by RSVPing to the Event Kick Off where you will gain a deeper understanding of what it is like for families in our community to experience homelessness. Buy tickets today!
  • How does me giving up my bed for a night mean a homeless child won't experience bed-lessness?
    Our hope is that through this experience you are better able to relate to these families and thus, are empowered to create a solution to end family homelessness in our city. Ultimately, through an engaged, educated community, no child will have to experience homelessness in the years to come.
  • Youth Family Adult Connections - Youth Behavioral Health
    The DIRECTIONS Program is a community based mental health service operated by YFA Connections and designed to provide services on site in schools and in the neighborhood of the child or youth and their family. Services are available for Medicaid eligible students in grades K-12 in the Riverside and Deer Park school districts. 509-532-2000




Of Americans couldn't cover a $1,000 emergency


Children prevented from homelessness


Families prevented from homelessness


Had maintained their housing after 6 months

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