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Who We Are

We imagine a future where no child experiences homelessness.

Contrary to common knowledge, family homelessness is the fastest growing segment of the homeless population in the United States today. Spokane County is no exception.


That's why Family Promise specializes in connecting homeless families with those in their own neighborhood, increasing support networks and re-enforcing the skills needed to maintain housing. 






moms, dads and kids will experience homelessness in Spokane this year

 affordable housing units available for every 100 people that needs one

of those served are from Spokane County

of income needed to rent a 3-bedroom home  (based on median family income in Spokane)

When Family Promise of Spokane began, it was a small, but comprehensive program for three homeless families at a time. Today, we serve over 1,100 family members each year as the only wraparound

program for homeless families in Eastern Washington. 

The image shows the cycle of survival (a rotation of shame, exhaustion, defeat, invisibility, trauma, and hopelessness) leading into the Cycle of Transformation (empowerment, accomplishment, pride, gratitude, support, and optimism).

Spearheaded by invested volunteers and talented staff, we prevent families from becoming homeless, 

provide for families experiencing homelessness and prepare families for life beyond homelessness. 

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