Organize a supply drive. Do art projects with kids. Rake leaves. Teach a class. Help a family move in to their new home. 

What does volunteering at Family Promise of Spokane look like?


We offer many different levels of experiences for community members to serve, through scaled packages outlined below from immediate engagement to heavily involved engagement. All three levels have the opportunity for an individual to provide essential services, and we could not operate without people just like you. Please review the options below for what best fits your desired volunteer experience/impact, and follow the next steps! We look forward to serving with you.



Specific.  One-Time.  Guided by Staff.

  • Great for:

    • Families

    • Individuals

    • Groups

  • Opportunities include:

    • Organization & cleaning

    • Gardening & Yardwork

    • Facilities Maintenance

  • Next step?

    • Check out opportunities “below”

    • Select opportunity

    • Share basic contact information

    • Show up!






Recurring.    Specific.    Overseen.

  • Great for:

    • Individuals

    • Families

    • Committed Individuals

      • 1 shift/month for 3 months

  • Opportunities include:

    • General Family Support

    • Moving families in

    • Kids Activities

  • Next step?

    • Fill out application

    • Allow the Volunteer Manager a full week to onboard each individual

    • Get access to the purple opportunities

    • Start to serve!



Open-ended. Independence. Regular.

  • Great for:

    • Individuals (16 y.o.+)

    • Confident people who can commit to vital roles for FPS

      • 4 shifts/month for 3 months

  • Opportunities include:

    • Counseling & Mentoring

    • Legal/Financial guidance

    • Administrative Roles

    • Others

  • Next step?

    • Contact the Volunteer Manager:

​Hannah Higgins (509) 867 -8102



 “[Through volunteering], I’ve seen the human side of homelessness. I knew the statistics, kind of... but now I know the families and their stories and their children. We’ve had talks about anything from princesses to the deep dark parts of their lives...I just get to see that human aspect of homelessness and build those relationships, which has been really cool.”

-Megan, Volunteer at Family Promise of Spokane