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Fundraise to end family homelessness
between now and June 25th.

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Just because you can't see them on the streets,

doesn't mean they're not there. 

Since December 4, 2021, Family Promise of Spokane hasn't turned away a single family for lack of room or resources. No child has been forced to return to the street.

Families facing homelessness make up about 35% of those experiencing homelessness nationwide. In Spokane County, about 1 in 25 students will experience homelessness every year. Despite these staggering statistics, many community members don't often imagine or see families on the street. Why not? Because it's not safe for children. Instead, families will rent a room at a motel, stay in a car or sleep on a friend's floor. In this way, they will keep their family together, but are unable to break the cycle of homelessness themselves. This survival cycle is broken when a family seeks services at Family Promise of Spokane.

Through Night Without a Bed, we challenge you - your church, your business, your friend group - to host a peer-to-peer fundraiser benefitting Family Promise and spread the word about the challenges of families facing homelessness.

Already committed to Night Without a Bed and looking for the competition? 

Check out the Team Prizes, scout the competition & see progress towards the goals.


Contact Craig Howard
(509) 768-3083

Contact Shawn Ewart
(509) 724-7299

Individuals & Schools
Contact Katie Theobald
(509) 710-0082