Thank you Windermere!   

Welcome, Windermere Friends,


Thank you for considering raising money for Family Promise of Spokane as we try to move into our new building.   


We are over-capacity, turning away babies, toddlers, and their desperate parents every night to sleep in a car or a tent in freezing temperatures instead of helping them find a way home.


We have seen so much success. Just last month, we helped 18 people into permanent homes and 7 into transitional housing!!! AMAZING!!!! If it felt like a busy October, it was because it was a busy October.  We were able to serve 149 unduplicated individuals in our Family Shelter! 81 children and 68 parents!!!! 59% of the families that came into our Open Doors program exited into permanent housing!  That is over 10 families that found a permanent way home.


You can help us help more families.


Would you advocate on behalf of Family Promise of Spokane by joining other Windermere Realtors hosting a Facebook fundraiser on your Facebook page in November? 




Steve Allen                   

Executive Director               


Joe Ader

Open Doors Director


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Windermere Fundraiser - Helping Homeless Families Find A Way Home


Why are you raising Money? 

Windermere Real Estate has partnered together with Family Promise of Spokane for the past 15 years helping homeless families find home again. Over the next seven days from November 15-22.   I will be advocating for homeless children by raising $_____ to help their organization move into a new building to help more families. 


Family Promise of Spokane needs $100,000  to be able to provide shelter and services for these families. Help us as we help homeless children find a way home!  

Share on your Timeline:

I am joining my fellow Windermere realtors to raise money for Family Promise of Spokane.


Family Promise operates the only 24/7 Emergency Homeless Family Shelter for children and families in Spokane. They are turning away homeless families every day and desperately need a facility that can help more families.

We are partnering with Family Promise to help them raise $100,000 so they can move into their new building.


Thanks for any help you can provide to help families find a way home. 


Sharing the news

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If you post nothing else, please post this video (different than above) that shares an inspiring story of how Open Doors has helped transform lives and shows the importance of this new building. 

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  1. 25th Anniversary of Windermere Foundation - Family Promise of Spokane wins $25,000 as part of 25th anniversary!

  2. 2017 Community Service Day - Windermere helps Family Promise of Spokane remodel night shelter and install a playground.

  3. Windermere Foundation - Family Promise thank you note for $3500 and how it was used to help many adults and kids.

  4. Boots and Gloves Giveaway - A picture with a Family Promise of Spokane family wearing boots and smiling!

  5. Shoes and Socks Giveaway - A picture with a Family Promise of Spokane family wearing shoes and smiling!

  6. Adopting a  Family for Christmas -  A video with Brandon Taylor on how Windermere made his Christmas.

  7. Throwing out the First Pitch - Video of Steve Allen, Executive Director, being introduced as a sponsor for Windermere.

  8. Nigel Williams-Goss - Picture of Nigel Williams-Goss with children and our staff during the Windermere Foundation commercial.

25th Anniversary

of Windermere Foundation

In the Spring of 2015, Family Promise of Spokane was selected along with four other regional non-profits to compete in a Facebook competition to win $25,000 to celebrate our 25 year anniversary of the Windermere Foundation.   Family Promise of Spokane won and that was a catalyst to their organization buying a building for their homeless shelter. Their organization has grown in size since then, growing from helping 60 homeless children and adults to helping over 1000 people find their way home!  Please help homeless families find a way home by donating to my Facebook fundraiser.  


2017 Community Service Day

A little over a year ago, Windermere had its community service day at Family Promise of Spokane, two days before Family Promise of Spokane opened their homeless family night shelter and commenced the first 24/7 Emergency Homeless Family Shelter ever in Spokane. We remodeled their night shelter (see photo), constructed a porch with a shed to store their mats for sleeping and built a play area for their children.  


Since the night shelter was remodeled, over 1000 homeless children and adults have slept overnight in the shelter we helped remodel. They will be able to add 15-25 more beds when they move into their new shelter. Please help homeless families find a way home by donating to my Facebook fundraiser.  



Windermere Foundation Thank you

Dear Windermere Foundation,


We are writing to express our deepest thanks for your recent donation of $3500 to Family Promise of Spokane. This donation will provide the financial and and moral support needed to continue our mission. With your continued financial contributions, you’ve demonstrated your deep commitment to our work of battling homelessness in our community. Here are just a few ways your support has made a difference:


  • We provided one dad with gas to get through his first week of work

  • We helped a family obtain a larger vehicle to better support their growing family

  • We obtained car seats for the same family’s 5 children to ensure safe transportation

  • We were able to help one father obtain contact lenses so he could find employment

  • We provided school supplies to all of our school-aged children

  • We obtained a wheelchair for one person who is very feeble

  • We were able to supply basic phones to help families find employment and housing

  • We got one teen mother back into high school

  • We were able to provide families with life-skills classes in budgeting, parenting, and health.


Although these victories may seem small to the average person, you at Windermere know that they are not. That's why you gave, and why these families are better. Together,  we aim to empower our families to take action and ownership of their progress. 

There is no way to fully express our gratitude for your loyalty. We at Family Promise of Spokane are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of Windermere who answers our call to give again and again. We look forward to a continuing partnership with you. Thank you!



Steve Allen and the Family Promise Staff

Executive Director


P.S. Could you help Family Promise move into a new building by donating to our Fundraiser? 


Boots and Gloves Giveaway

Every November, Family Promise of Spokane partners with Windermere and many other organizations to provide boots and gloves for homeless and impoverished children. The kids walk in a choose which boot they want. The smiles are worth it. Please donate to help Family Promise help more homeless children by donating to our Windermere Fundraiser to help Family Promise move into their building.


Shoes and Socks Giveaway

Every September, Family Promise of Spokane partners with Windermere and many other organizations to provide shoes and socks for homeless and impoverished children. The kids walk in a choose which boot they want. The smiles are worth it. Please donate to help Family Promise help more homeless children by donating to our Windermere Fundraiser to help Family Promise move into their building.


Adopting a Family for Christmas

A year ago Brandon Taylor was one of these dads sleeping in that shelter.  He entered the Open Doors shelter on June 6 and left on August 30, 2017.  He said, "I remember sitting in the parking lot of Open Doors shelter having a nervous breakdown. I didn't want to enter a homeless shelter with three kids and one on the way." 

Over the ensuing few months he was at Open doors, this experience transformed his life. He said, "I learned how to parent by watching how the supervisors treated the guests." After a tough childhood, Brandon was learning life skills desperately needed by watching and emulating our staff as they strived to live out our core values.   

It was this conversation with Brandon that helped put into words a vision of what we are trying to do at Family Promise. This shelter is not an end or a means to an end. The shelter is a means to a new beginning.  Not every homeless story is like Brandon's story.   He joined the staff as an on-call supervisor who is now a shift three supervisor (Thursday-Saturday 1pm-7pm) and is now a member of the Continuum of Care sub-committee with the City of Spokane Health and Homeless Division.


One of the highlights of Brandon's year was having his family adopted by Windermere North. Watch the video below to learn more about this experience. Use this link:​ ​

Please help homeless families find a way home by donating to my Facebook fundraiser.  




Throwing out the First Pitch

Steve Allen, executive director of Family Promise of Spokane, threw out the first pitch for Windermere at the Spokane Indians baseball game this summer. Can you help us help Family Promise move into a new building!


Use this link:


Nigel Williams-Goss - Windermere Foundation Commercial

In 2017, Windermere filmed a commercial with Nigel Williams-Goss highlighting our work with the community.  Nigel spent some time with Family Promise of Spokane. Join with us as we raise money for Family Promise of Spokane as they hope to move into a new facility which will be able to help more families.


You can link the commercials in varying lengths here:

30 second commercial 

60 second commercial

90 second commercial


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