Shelter, food and critical support for families experiencing homelessness

Even before we ever heard the term COVID-19, thousands of Spokane families experienced homelessness every year.


A job loss, an unexpected medical expense, or another life challenge left many families devastated. They ended up homeless and hidden, sleeping in cars, a garage, a tent in a backyard or on someone’s couch. Low-income families have been disproportionally hit by the current economic crisis. Many parents who were already living paycheck to paycheck have now lost their jobs.

Moms and dads who were previously just barely keeping a roof over their families’ head, now find themselves at the edge of a cliff, ready to fall off into the destructive cycle of homelessness. 


But there is a solution...

When a family finds itself in crisis, Family Promise provides a safe place to stay and a hot meal, a shower and clean clothes. With love and compassion, we connect them with the resources they need to stabilize their life. Parents receive encouragement, counseling and coaching to regain and sustain housing — and help their children thrive. 


Last year alone, more than 1,100 children, moms and dads in Spokane County who experienced the desperate state of being homeless found the help they needed at Family Promise. These families now have a place to call home. More than that, they now have hope for the future, and healthy, productive lives. 


Because of the compassion and generosity of supporters like you, hundreds of families have broken the cycle of homeless. 

Take Rebekah for example. Despite her hard work and determination, Rebekah had been on the brink of homelessness for years, and came to our door after living in her car with her young daughter Ayla. Here, she received the stabilizing resources she needed – and gained confidence to make life-transforming changes. Like 95% of the families we help through our Bridges Program, Rebekah has successfully transitioned back into a safe home. She is gainfully employed today and reunited with her husband, Randall. Her family has a new life during this time of social distancing because of the holistic help she received while in our care. 

In the midst of this pandemic, we are not only focused on serving 94 families during today’s emergency, but are actively preparing to address the increased number of homeless families we will see in the coming months as a result of this crisis.

When vulnerable families find themselves at life’s bottom and dare to reach out for help, you can be there for them and show them someone cares. You can ensure children and their parents receive the shelter, food and other support they so desperately need during these unprecedented times. Right now,  you can be the safety net so many children and their parents need. 

That’s why your help is needed — now more than ever. 

Every gift helps . . . for just $2,500, together we can provide everything needed to move an entire family out of homelessness and into a stable home and healthy life. 

Yes! I want to provide shelter, food and comprehensive support for families experiencing homelessness during this critical time.

 Your gift helps ensure children and families receive the basic necessities and essential support they need to secure stable housing and the resources they need to thrive.