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with the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality

Course Introduction


An overview of what to expect through this online "class".

The Experience of Poverty


An intro to the next lessons specifically focused on poverty.

U.S. Poverty in Perspective

Sheldon Danziger

A history of poverty in the U.S.

Living in Poverty

Kathryn Edin

An analysis of exactly how far you can stretch a welfare check while in poverty.

Poor Neighborhoods

Robert Sampson

Explore how poverty follows geographical lines within neighborhoods.

Unequal Childhoods

Annette Lareau

Learn to acknowledge the impacts of social class.

Unstable Housing

Matthew Desmond

Examine the details of America's affordable housing crisis.

Having Children in Poverty

Kathryn Edin

A frontline analysis of raising children in the midst of poverty.

The Causes of Poverty


Confront assumptions about what causes poverty.

Childhood Development

Jack Shonkoff

Assess the impacts of development for children who grow up in poverty.

Neighborhoods and Multi-Generational Effects

Patrick Sharkey

Analyze how poverty and its challenges are often multi-generational.


The problem of homelessness is complex.

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