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If you can prevent family homelessness before it even happens, why wouldn't you? 

Estimates reveal as many as one-in-four renters in Spokane County currently owe some amount of back rent. With the statewide eviction moratorium set to expire on March 31, 2021, the need for homeless prevention support  is greater than ever. 

Wow! Your generosity has maximized the 3x and 4x matches available. 

We still have up to $14,000

to double your gift of any size. 

Every donation will be entered to

win one of two basketballs signed by the Gonzaga Men or Women's basketball teams!


Drawing will occur on Facebook Live on 4/9 at 12pm.

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Match Madness is made possible through generous contributions from... 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will the funds raised be used for?

100% of the funds raised in the Match Madness Campaign will go towards preventing families from becoming homeless through rental assistance, case management and eviction prevention technology. FPS defines a family as any adult(s) caring for a child under 18 or a pregnant person.

How will my donation be matched?

Donations made to the Match Madness Campaign will be matched according to the tiers below up to the maximum $60,000 match. Here is how it works. Donations between $1-$99 will be doubled (your gift x 2). Donations between $100-$499 will be tripled (your gift x 3). Donations $500 and above will be quadrupled (your gift x4).

What happens if the matching money is used up?

Donations made after the matching money is used up will still be a donation to Family Promise designated towards preventing families from becoming homeless. Note: More matching funds may become available as community partners contribute to the Match Madness campaign.

Where did you get the statistics used in your videos?

220,000 renters late on their rent payments statistic came from The Seattle Times 74% of renter families in Spokane worried about eviction came from a survey done in Northeast Spokane found at ZoNE NE Housing Stability Survey Results & Insights. 1 in 4 renters late on their rent payments in Spokane came from the Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium.

How do I apply for rental assistance?

Family Promise of Spokane only provides rental assistances to adult(s) caring for children or pregnant. Prevention funds are limited. A rental assistance portal will be added to Family Promise’s website at the end of March that will allow users to search for rental assistance programs available and apply online.

What happens if I start a recurring donation?

Any gift given during the Match Madness campaign (March 1 - April 5) will be put entirely towards homelessness prevention multiplied according to the tiered approach. After the Match Madness campaign ends, all recurring donations will continue as unrestricted funds to Family Promise of Spokane to be used in the area of greatest need until the donor cancels their recurring gift. The only portion of the donation that will be multiplied according to the tiered approach is the amount given between March 1 and April 5.


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