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Celebrate the Promise.


October 18th - 24th

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What's your Family Promise legacy? 


Family Promise has been built by hundreds of dedicated, kind-hearted people...


...Volunteers who gave hours, slept on uncomfortable cots, prepared meals, held events and encouraged guests.

... Donors who gave faithfully to fund the stability needed to change lives.

... Community members who spread the word about the cause, opened their churches and gave hope. 

... Staff and Board Members who allowed their hearts to be broken for the sake of healing. 

... And most importantly, the Guests who were brave enough to ask for help, lean in to the process and change the future for their families. 


You are invited to join former volunteers, donors and guests in a week full of evening info nights, real life stories of formerly homeless families and fun ways to get re-connected to the heart of Family Promise. 

This October, we honor the gift of hope that has been given through volunteer hours and donor dollars. We celebrate the changed lives of families that found home. We prepare for a future where no child will experience homelessness.


Together, we are ready to Fulfill Our Promise. Will you join us?