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You can make the "Hidden Homeless," visible.

Who are the
"Hidden Homeless"?

Often "out of sight, out of mind", homeless families are considered the "hidden homeless." When most people imagine someone who is experiencing homelessness, a child and her family is not who comes to mind. Yet, each year, 1 in 25 K-12 students experiences homelessness in Spokane County. That's essentially one child in every classroom in every school in the County.

What are these cardboard signs?

You're invited to create and post a picture of yourself holding a cardboard sign answering these two questions: 

  1. What is one piece of encouragement you would say to a family experiencing homelessness today?

  2. What would you encourage housed community members to remember about families experiencing homelessness?

In this way, you  join members of our community who are committed to making the "hidden homeless," visible. Make sure to tag Family Promise of Spokane in your post!

Why should I care?

Children who experience homelessness are...

3x more likely to drop out of school

4x more likely to misuse prescription pain medicine

7x more likely to attempt suicide

compared to their housed peers. Without intervention and support, many will grow up to become homeless as adults, repeating the cycle for generations.

What can I do?


Choose discomfort and grow your empathy by spending the night anywhere but your bed. Utilize our Reflection Guide to consider what families experiencing homelessness may experience.

Start your monthly gift to Family Promise of Spokane. This experience, by design,  is one night. However, the reality is that children and families sleep without a bed in Spokane County throughout the year. Your monthly gift of $122 provides 24 hours of expert, holistic care for an entire family, ensuring that no child sleeps without a bed.

Create and post your cardboard sign, encouraging others to learn about the "Hidden Homeless." Include this web link and tag Family Promise of Spokane!


Contact Craig Howard
(509) 768-3083

Contact Shawn Ewart
(509) 724-7299

Individuals & Schools
Contact Katie Vozzy
(509) 710-0082

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