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Give Hope with a Year-End Gift

NOTE: The message below was written by Aimee (last name withheld) who came to Family Promise of Spokane at 11 years old in 2009 with her family. Now 24, married, gainfully employed and soon to start a family of her own, Aimee wrote this letter to her younger self as a reflection of her unique journey.

AA22 Letter.png

With temporary and limited federal funding, our rental assistance program expanded and prevented 1,529 kids and their families from becoming homeless. Simultaneously, our emergency housing programs grew and empowered more people to find permanent housing in a single year than ever before: 158. Our two year stabilization program helped 98% of families retain safe and stable housing.


Because of the effectiveness of this holistic model, not a single family was turned away from shelter from December 4th, 2021 to July 11th, 2022. In all of our 25 years of service, this has never happened before. Our holistic approach does END family homelessness.


The Family Promise Model works, and, as temporary funding has run out, we’re inviting you to step in and sustain this success. Since July, we have had to turn families away, including 28 children just last month. This winter, you can ensure that families aren’t turned away into the cold. Your gift of:

  • $132 will equip a family with housing and application fees

  • $629 provides one week of shelter for a single parent with a child

  • $2,968 ends homelessness for a child


Because of the investment of people like you, Aimee is a thriving example of what ending homelessness looks like. Your help today supports more kids and their families, like Aimee’s, to not only exit homelessness, but to end the cycle of family homelessness for good. Please empower the next generation with your best gift today.

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