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National Volunteer Month!
Family Promise is partnering with Spokane Cares to put 34,000+ volunteers to work in our city in the month of April!
We have two ways for you to get involved!
April 2017
Volunteers are given the opportunity to come alongside others and provide what our city always needs more of - kindness.
Make a difference in the life of a family going through the toughest time of their lives.
Serve with your whole family - teach your kids compassion at an early age!
Lots of diverse ways to volunteer, allowing you to serve whenever, wherever, and however you feel most comfortable.
Wanna volunteer with us?
Follow the simple steps below and we'll get you plugged in to a meaningful volunteer role before you know it!
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Through volunteering, we no longer see homelessness as just an issue we can set aside and throw money at. We begin to see people - just like us - who deserve not only our help and resources but also our friendship.
Love in Action
Get connected to a coordinator and scheduled
Open Doors
If you marked on your application that you wanted to volunteer at Open Doors, you'll get a call or email from our Open Doors volunteer coordinator to get you placed on the schedule for your first shift. At the end of your first shift, you'll get an opportunity to jump on the schedule again!
If you marked on your application that you wanted to volunteer at Bridges, you'll get a call or email from one of the volunteer coordinators at a church near you. They'll help you get scheduled in a specific role, and help you know what to expect, who to keep in contact with, and any pertinent information about the church building.
If you marked on your application that you wanted to volunteer with the Village, you'll get a call or email with next steps. If you're interested in being a mentor, you'll be asked to come to FamilyEnrichment nights to help make a connection with one of our graduate families.
Get to know what to expect
Watch a few quick videos to get familiar with our core values and frequently asked questions!
Show up, serve, change someone's life
When you show up to serve, you have a chance to embody our core values: be non-judgmental, be respectfully compassionate, be present, be competent, and be empowering!
Tell us about your volunteer experience
We want to know all about your experience volunteering with Family Promise!
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