A Family Promise of Spokane Fundraiser:
Smile for a Smile
September 23: 9 AM-3 PM + September 24: 11 AM - 5 PM
at Finch Arboretum

About Us
We care about the 3,000 homeless children in Spokane. For 20 years, Family Promise of Spokane has been helping homeless families, one family at a time. We depend on a caring community to partner with us to help families move towards home again. With an emergency family crisis shelter and community-based transitional shelter, we have helped 150 homeless families and prevented an additional 118 children from becoming homeless through our rental assistance program.
When and Where
The event is going to be held at Finch Arboretum:
Saturday, September 23 - 9-3pm
Sunday, September 24 - 11-5 pm
Each family will choose one of two packages. Below is the minimum donation:

Blue - $75 - A 20-minute sitting and a link to Dropbox to access to up to 5 edited photos.

Gold - $150 - A 40-minute sitting, a link to Dropbox to access up to 10 edited photos, and credit to receive two 8x10 or four 4x6 print combination, mailed to your home.
Why this event
We are hoping that current donors, volunteers, and friends will join us for this first annual Smile for a Smile event. Our goal is to provide an exceptionally efficient, affordable family-friendly event for families in Spokane. Because of the generosity of professional photographers in Spokane, we will be able to offer amazing family photographs to families in Spokane, for a significant cause at a great price. 100% of proceeds will go to Family Promise. Additionally, this event will bless homeless families in Spokane because each photographer will photograph a family who is either currently in or formerly gone through the Family Promise program. Lastly, this event provides the ability to find new friends to welcome to our Family Promise Family as we share this event with the Spokane public.
If you know others would appreciate this also, let them know!
Family FAQ's

Will I know who is photographing me before the event?

Yes! We will let you know the name and contact information of your photographer, and your photographer will in turn have your name and information. Photographers are going to be assigned to family simply by the times that work for both. Please let us know if your time needs to change, and we will reassign a photographer.

How do I get my prints (with the Gold Package)?

Each family will get the opportunity to choose exactly which of the pictures they want printed, and which size they want them, and what kind of printing paper. We will provide each family who orders a gold package with a $5 credit with mpix.com that is easily redeemable. $5 will purchase either four 5x7 prints, or two 8x10 prints. Mpix.com is the best quality printing company for the lowest price, and is used by many professionals. The prints will be sent straight to your home! We decided to use this method as opposed to doing it for you so that you can get EXACTLY what you want, without any room for confusion or error on our end!

When will I know the time for my session?

We will send you an email with your time and further details at least a week before the event.

How many different poses?
As many as you can fit in your allotted time slot. Photographers will be responsible for determining location and leading the family in how to pose.

Can I give more than the set amount for the package?

This is an easy answer: YES! Given how much you are saving by getting your photos done through this event, if you can afford to and wish to pay more, please do! 100% of all proceeds go to Family Promise, period.

Photographer FAQ's

Why is the cost so low?
This event is a fundraiser for our organization, but it also gives us the opportunity to celebrate families in a special way. We want families from every class able to have pictures taken, which is why our base pricing is so low. However, there will be a donation button on the registration form, and it is our hope that those families that can afford to give more will generously give more to help our organization. We are very much a volunteer-driven organization, so as we introduce Spokane families to our mission, we also hope they will desire to get involved in any of our many volunteer opportunities at a later date.

Do you need help editing pictures?
We will offer two packages and the edited photos are a feature for both. Our hope is that each photographer would edit the photos they take of each family. We would just ask that you complete any editing within a week of the photos. Please contact us if you are unable to edit photos for any reason.

How will families receive their prints in the Gold package?
We will send the families their chosen prints to their home using Mix.com.

Will I know who I am photographing before I take pictures?
You will be sent a schedule with the names of the families, the number of family members and a few other tidbits prior to the event. Also, feel free to share your business cards with the families you photograph for future connections.

How many different poses?
As many as you can fit in your allotted time slot. Most families will be expecting leadership from professional photographers, so you will be responsible for choosing the area and staging the pose.

Will I need to provide permission for families to print the photos?
Yes, we will ask you to sign a release form for the photos that you take and scan to put in your shared Dropbox so families can have photos printed online or at a local printing facility.

Wait! I have more questions!!!
Please email Kamryn Allen at smile@familypromiseofspokane.org with all your questions. Also, once you sign up for the Mailing list, we will add you to a Secret Facebook group page to continue the conversations.

Please contact Kamryn with any questions or concerns
(509) 979-8177
904 E Hartson Ave.
Spokane, WA 99202
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