Is your family currently homeless?
We're here to help!
Open Doors Guest
If you're currently a guest in our Open Doors program, the surveys and forms you need are right here.
Bridges Guest
If you're currently a guest in our Bridges program, the surveys and forms you need are right here.
do you need a place for your family to go?
Prospective Guests
We are now able to help you at our Open Doors Emergency Day Shelter at 631 S. Richard Allen Court in the South Perry District that will help give you a welcoming, warm place to start your journey towards getting back into a home.

In addition, we encourage you to
call or visit the Homeless Family Coordinated Assessment (HFCA)
and set up an appointment.

The number is: 509-325-5005

Through this program in Spokane, your family will be interviewed and assessed for services. We are now one of the providers using this system.
Who qualifies?
Family Promise provides shelter to families - to qualify, you must be:

1) Homeless
2) Caring for a child

This includes: grandchildren, unborn children, non-biological dependents.
Where should I go?
Open Doors (631 S. Richard Allen Ct) is our crisis shelter - the perfect place for you to drop in while you figure out your next move. It is safe, warm, and secure - there are places to rest, eat, and work with case managers to plan your next move.
Who should I call?
You can reach our Open Doors Crisis Shelter at 509-723-HOME.

You can reach the HFCA (Homeless Families Coordinated assessment) at 509-325-5005.
Open Doors Family Shelter
631 S Richard Allen Court, Spokane WA
Phone: 509-723-HOME

The shelter is open daily, 7:30AM till 7:30PM. Feel free to drop by — our case managers can help you sort out what to do next.
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